Vancouver in November

Late November in Vancouver? Not bad…not bad.

I got a cover song for you today. Atlas Genius covering The Weeknd’s friend-zone anthem, “The Hills.”


Go with yourself.


The new David Bowie song “Blackstar” is a 10 minute jazz-tronica adventure. The lead single from Bowie’s 25th record comes out on January 8th, 2016. His 69th birthday.

Legend says that back in 2014 David Bowie was invited to a little jazz lounge in New York City’s West Village. A place called the 55 Bar. Bowie went there in 2014 to check out Donny McCaslin’s quartet of exploratory jazz. He sat near the stage, enjoyed the performance and ghosted without a word to anyone. 10 days later he asked for Donny and the drummer to join him in the studio and away they went on what would be “Blackstar.”

The almost 69-year-old artist was inspired by a diverse range of folks for this record. Kendrick Lamar, Death Grips, Board of Canada…and even features percussion from LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.

Yesterday on Drex Live, I was talking to Drex about the new music and we both agreed that the work is challenging. But then a listener form LA named Isaac called up to say that song is a “masterpiece” threaded with imagery that talks about theology, good, evil, and the anti-Christ.

First off….the whole concept of the five-pointed star is important.

He then specifically mentions how interesting the three crucified scarecrows are to the music video.


He says the whole concept of the video talks about god and the anti-Christ.

women and skulls

Whoa….what is the village of Orman?

In the villa of Ormen, in the villa of Ormen
― David Bowie – Blackstar ★

I have to watch this video again.

Go with yourself.


X Ambassadors stopped by CFOX’s Ugly Grey Box Studio to perform their #1 Modern Rock hit “Renegades.” They also talked a bit about growing up friends in Ithaca and the first song they played together as kids was a Chili Peppers’ song. Neat.

Go with yourself!

Oh I wanted to share this video with you. I made this other day. I was putting my 22-month-old to bed and we were reading one of his favourite books. He started listing off the things he saw in the pictures, so I recorded him because he is cute as fuck.

Now you may go with yourself.

lights out

Power outage last night in Vancouver. It was a dark one in the suburbs. Coral sorted out some candles and Chinese takeout for the kids.

Here’s our power’s out song…. Nothing But Thieves “Trip Switch”

I’ll be yapping with X Ambassadors today and I’ll have a live performance of “Renegades” for you in a bit.

Go with yourself.

Artiq from Rotterdam sent over his new remix of Bill Withers‘ “Just the Two of Us.” He kept it easy and breezy. A perfect chill remix for what has turned out to be a solid Sunday here in Vancouver.

“When I first heard this classic soul track, I got really inspired to make a remix of it. I tried to keep this remix as clean as possible, to let Bill Withers his beautiful voice stand out.”

He also has an earlier tropical remix of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” Let’s try that one out too.


In stomach flu related news..I ate two solid food meals so far today! Go me. I haven’t had a solid shit in three days, but baby steps, and I managed to hammer through almost all of Master of None. I think that is an achievement.

Go with yourself.


Because I do whatever AC Newman from The New Pornographers tells me to do, I hit play on Car Seat Headrest’s “Something Soon.”

Car Seat Headrest is a guy named Will Toledo. His Matador records debut, Teens of Style, came out on October 30th. It’s a collection of bedroom, demo, band camp stuff, rerecorded.

Here is that song, four years ago from his soundcloud.


Blah, getting over a nasty stomach flu here. It basically worked it’s way through both my kids, wife, mother-in-law, then me. But starting to feel like a human being today. I think I should go outside.

Go with yourself.

strange talk

Toronto producer (or maybe Montreal) Robotaki has put his spin on Aussie act Strange Talk’s “Painted in Gold.” I like the sound of this one.


One of my favourite records right now, Beach Slang‘s The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us has a music video for the song “Bad Art & Weird Ideas.”

And fi you are jiving on Beach Slang, then read this great SPIN article on the group.

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. I hope you had a chance to reflect.

My daughter and I hit the cenotaph in our town. Now the sun is shining so that means we’ll get a chance to go skateboarding.

Go with yourself.


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