Checking out some melodic hard rock, or “post hard-core?” Michigonian (Michiganite?) band We Came As Romans.  I saw that their song “The World I Used To Know” was getting a little feature play on some rock radio stations in the US so I punched it up. I like it. Reminds me a little of the music I used to listen to in the 2000s.That’s kinda funny because the song is about reflecting on back in the day. Neat.

Go with yourself.


Disturbed are back after a 4 year gap with a record called Immortalized. The record is out on August 21st.  The first single is called “The Vengeful One.” Singing about a dying world, vengeful Gods, blackest moments, killing you and you know why!

Hey remember that song “Down With The Sickness?” Jeezus, did that song come out in 2000?

In other news, front guy David Draiman is off the social media. He recently deleted his twitter account. I feel him. He says to Minneapolis radio station 93 X; “Social media has become a playground for trolls, a playground for these people who prey on one another. You can’t get anything decent done on there anymore; you just open yourself up to constant attack. And I’m just done with it. I’m done with it. I hope that the couple of years of my being as involved in it as I was meant something to people. I hope that they gleaned something from it, or took something away from it, or at least were entertained or something, because, now, I’m becoming a recluse.”

Go with yourself.

Pool time

Happy Canada Day to you, happy America Day to my American friends finding the blog. Back from holiday in Kelowna. I DJ’d a wedding at the Hotel El Dorado. Oh man it was hot, but a great adventure. Coral and I brought the kids and visited with her Dad, brother and Roberta. They have a beautiful house up on the hill over looking Okanagan Lake. The weather was closer to what you’d expect in Las Vegas. Scortcher, but Grandpa Rob and Roberta put in a pool, so it was all good.

Now I am at the radio factory for a couple days and listening to some new music.

LibertinesBritish rockers The Libertines are putting out a record called Anthems for Doomed Youth on September 4th. Their third album will be their first in 11 years! The single “Gunga Din” was premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC show.

The band is currently playing festivals in the UK and recent;y took the stage at Glastonbury.

“The Libertines will always be the band that defined a generation. Their return is one that matters.” — NME

That is bold…but I will say my wife Coral always loved these guys.



The Fratellis are another UK (Scottish) band with new music. Their record, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied is out at the end of August on the 21st.

The Fratellis will also be in Vancouver on September 30th at The Commodore. Here is the first single, “Baby Don’t You Lie to Me.”

Sure is a punchy song. You’ll be singing along by the end of the first listen.

Go with yourself.


The Sheepdogs will be in the Lower Mainland on Saturday, August 8th for the Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival. The band also has a new record coming out and single coming to CFOX called “Downtown.”

Ewan Currie of the Sheepdogs took a couple minutes to talk about the new single, the sound we can expect on the new album, and recording in rural Ontario.

Off on holiday my friends. If I can figure out wifi on the road and hear a song I gotta blog about…I might check in with ya…if not, I’ll connect with you after Canada Day! (July 1st).

Go with yourself.


Today is my daughter’s last day of grade 1! Wow. There she is with Coral… I dunno… not even one year old yet (summer 2008). Grade 1 is an interesting time. Your kid goes from being curious little child to a curious little person. And she can read!

I’m sad I don’t get to be in Victoria today. But I am excited for a summer of adventure and grade 2 for Madelyn!

We have a little adventure to Kelowna coming up and I am excited for that!


This is a band from Philadelphia (and and I’ll have another Philly band for you next) that I read about in Rolling Stone. They said Hop Along sound like 80s alternative and are signed to Saddle Creek. Those two things are enough for me to hit play.

This first song is older.

Rolling Stone highlighted this cut saying, “The album’s emotional centerpiece, “Powerful Man,” recounts an experience in which the singer witnessed a man beating his child in public and felt powerless to stop it. “It’s not a hero’s story,” she says. “I wanted it to be about how horrible that was, and how I was a part of it by not doing something.””


The Las Vegas alt-rock radio station X 107 was featuring the Philly band Cheerleader the other night. They do one of those “vote for your favourite song” at night things and Cheerleader went on a nice little run. So I guess desert dwelling rockers enjoy these guys. A fun pop-rock band for sure.


New one for us here at CFOX. British anthemic Queen-esque band called The Struts. A ton of adds on US alternative radio…has a big sing-a-along moment.


and finally…last day of school. I gotta.

Go with yourself.

Maddy on the lake
Happy Tuesday… hammering through a ton of emails today. Try to pluck out the gems and yeah, there were many.

Also I just want to say, I had a great weekend. Lots of work, but some time for play. My daughter went camping with Grandma and Grandpa (and aunts, uncles and cousins) at Cultas Lake. She had an amazing time, and as I said on the previous blog post, more lake time is in her future. She excels at lake floats. I’m so proud of her.

I’m sorry, the gems, let’s get to it. Iron & Wine teamed up with Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell for a new record called Sing Into My Mouth. The record is out on July 17th and features a collection of covers. The share track today is “The Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” by the Talking Heads.

How perfect is this song?  C’mon. This track should become the first dance song of every hip wedding couple this summer…and the slightly less hip next summer.

And a couple more listens.

Tracklist looks interesting. Let’s go!


1 This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (Talking Heads)
2 Done This One Before (Ronnie Lane)
3 Any Day Woman (Bonnie Raitt)
4 You Know Me More Than I Know (John Cale)
5 Bulletproof Soul (Sade)
6 No Way Out of Here (Unicorn / David Gilmour)
7 God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)  (El Perro del Mar)
8 The Straight and Narrow (Spiritualized)
9 Magnolia (JJ Cale)
10 Am I a Good Man? (Them Two)
11 Ab’s Song (Marshall Tucker Band)
12 Coyote, My Little Brother (Pete Seeger)

Sing into my mouth

Go with yourself.

atlas genius

Adalaide, South Australia’s preeminent bad boys Atlas Genius are back with a new record on August 28th called Inanimate Objects. The brothers Genius had a couple Much megahits on modern rock radio with “Trojans” and “If So.”

The new song is called “Molecules.” Sounds like Atlas Genius to me…bright, sunny pop rock that will slide in perfectly on one my summertime playlists. Maybe a perfect song for my trip to Kelowna this weekend. It is supposed to be 38 degrees by Sunday. I’m DJing at a nice lake front hotel. My wife’s Dad will likely have the boat out on the water some time. It should be a time. Yeah, Atlas Genius will sound great soundtracking the weekend.

You can pre-order the new record now if you’re into it…or catch up with the band as they continue to tour hard in the USA.

6/24 – New York, NY – Central Park SummerStage w/ The Kooks & Joywave
6/26 – Milwaukee, WI – Summerfest w/ The Kooks
7/11 – Denver, CO – KTCL Big Gig
7/16 – Albany, NY – WEQX Show
7/18 – Boston, MA – 92.9 Earthfest
7/24 – Columbus, OH – CD102.5 Show
7/25 – Detroit, MI – Mo Pop Festival
8/2 – Philadelphia, PA – WRFF Festival Pier
8/22 – Minneapolis, MN – Cultivate Festival

Go with yourself.


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