Max Kerman from the Arkells talks about his role in a viral wedding proposal video.

Chris Murray from Ottawa wanted to surprise his Arkells loving girlfriend with a memorable wedding proposal and asked Max to help out. He said yes and then she said yes. Neat.

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metric and jeremy

Fun times! Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw from Metric stopped by CFOX today to perform a couple songs and have an interview. Metric are currently on tour with Imagine Dragons. We had a grand time and now Meredith, me, Emily and Jimmy are all best friends.


Coral and I are home from the show (thanks Uncle Matt for watching Jack!).

The show was solid. I enjoyed “Help, I’m Alive,” “Synthetica,” and “Gold, Guns, Girls.” All ripped live.

Imagine Dragons also sounded pretty good. Coral and I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing but they played “It’s Time” and that’s the song by them I love. The arena was full…and the crowd was excited for Imagine Dragons, so they’re doing something right. I thought they lacked some punch. Couldn’t keep the energy up and stopped down every song to drag it out. But they did sound good. Their audience loved them and they worked the stage and the light show.

Their first song of the night was this one.

Coral said, “if you want to download the whole new album for me and put it on my phone, you could.” There you go IG, you sold one new 30-something on your tunes.

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As If Ideas 10
My wife Coral is a fan of !!! so when I woke up this morning to an email saying new !!!, well I had to open and read that one.

New record is called As If. It’s out October 16. Dig it. Fun times…money on the cover? C’mon!

Coral and I are off to Metric and Imagine Dragons tonight. I have never seen Imagine Dragons in all my years of mainstream rock DJ-ery./…weird. Coral is amped on the new Metric song “The Shade.”

Metric is stopping by the radio show today. I hope to have a couple songs recorded here to share? We’ll see how that plays out.

Metric in DIY
Metric in Rolling Stone

And can we just tlak about this for one second… Jimmy Shaw’s current fave is MY current fave!

Go with yourself.


I’ve been listening to the new Titus Andronicus record The Most Lamentable Tragedy, the past couple days. I have the single “Fired Up” on my skytrain into work playlist.

Titus Andronicus are a punk band from Brooklyn. Their 4th album is getting some positive reviews. Lots going on with this punk rock opera…best hit to play on “Fired Up.”

If you’re new to the band, read this profile from Consequence of Sound. You get an idea of who is is behind the music and lead singer guy Patrick Stickles struggles (and triumphs) being manic depressive.  What that means to him and how it translate into his art.

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Toronto band Most Non Heinous have a new movie themed song in “The Good The Bad, and The Ugly.”

More of the aggressive, industrial rock that fans of the band will be familiar with.

“No one wins in a Mexican standoff.”

New record will be called The Fifth Element and comes out in August. Another song off the disc is called “The Lost Boys.”

And let’s go back in time and hear their most excellent cover of Tool’s “Stinkfist.” Threads a little female vocal into the mix. Nice touch.

Go with yourself.

I was talking about the classic teen comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High the other day on my radio show. I was surprised t learn the movie is based on a book that Cameron Crowe wrote. He went undercover at a highschool for a year to write it!

Going undercover for a year at a high school sounds like on of those hijinks that you could only do in the 80s….or a Drew Barrymore film.

From the soundtrack to the movie, check out The Ravyns‘ song “Raised on the Radio.”

Go with yourself.

unnamed (2)

Aussie/Brooklyn hybrid Chet Faker re-released his song “1998” and re-cut it with vocals from Banks.

A couple shows near us.

08/15 –  Seattle, WA – 1077 The End Summer Camp 2015
08/16 –  Portland, OR – KNRK 94.7 Birthday Concert

Go with yourself.


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