Victoria’s Mike Edel has a new record in the pipe called India, Seattle. Today we get our first listen, “East Shore / West Shore.”

Edel made a music video for the song which you can check out on Exclaim right now.

He starts the clip with a voice-over, “I don’t think personal records are the most immediate. Maybe they’re too specific; and mine is specific. It’s specific to places and moments and snapshots in my mind and it’s specific to people. I made this record; I called it India, Seattle. I wrote it one Northwest Winter, recorded it the winter after, and many winters later, it will still be here reminding me. ”

The song should sound familiar to people who have followed Mike Edel for awhile. Folky, fiddle, female vocals showing up to compliment Mike’s style.

“I’m on the east shore, you’re on the west. Can we meet in the middle? can we fix this?”

Mike Edle has a little tour of the west happening pretty soon. I don’t see a Vancouver show yet but you can see him in Victoria on April 11th at The Roxy Theatre. and somewhere out west:

March 25, 2015 The Rockwood Golden, BC
March 26, 2015 Ironwood Stage and Grill Calgary, AB
March 27, 2015 Ironwood Stage and Grill Calgary, AB
March 28, 2015 The Streaming Café Kelowna, BC

Go with yourself.


Big, arena filling, guitar rock from Bridges. The British band is from Bristol. The band reminds me of Kings of Leon. Has a bit of lazy swagger early on the cut “BFF” before tightening the focus and taking off with a soaring chorus.

“work it out, you’ve always been best friends.”

Touching sentiment, let’s hit play.


black honey

I was feeling the Wolf Alice yesterday and it seems some of you record promoters actually read the blogs (huh)…and so I was sent another UK band called Black Honey.

The rockers are from Brighton. I always seem to be getting emails from bands out of Brighton…is that a hip part of England? It’s on the ocean, all cities on the ocean are hip.

The song is called “Madonna.” Part of a double a-side they are releasing April 6th.



Party ends in New York City. Alternapop from Vérité. Her new song is called “Wasteland.”

Touring back east right now. UK tour coming up and she’ll be at SXSW. Nothing in the Pacific North-West. Boo-hoo.

Happy Thursday! One more sleep then I’m back to Victoria. We’re throwing our daughter a great big 7th birthday party, I’m gunna DJ!  Huge gig. ahhh, my kid is like Shoshanna in Girls, lives on the edge of fashion.

Oh shit…and I’m hanging out with Sam Roberts tomorrow. So there’s that.

Go with yourself.

Bloody hell, Colleen Green is perfect.

Fuzzy, buzzed grungy power pop.

I read the pitchfork review of her third album, I Want to Grow Up, and downloaded it. Opening cut, “I Want to Grow Up” is a cool song. After that, the other nine songs just drift on by.

I wish Colleen would find a time-machine and go back to 1999 and be my friend.

Colleen Green is the 30-year-old and no band. Just her, guitar, drum machine. I’d imagine like, a fuzz pedal maybe.

Talking to LA Weekly, Green says her new record “(is) a culmination of things I’ve been thinking about for the past five years. It’s about disease, health and being able to move on from things that are devastating in your life.”

She talks about the trappings of getting a bunch of buzz around her art, “What if you become an asshole? It’s a scary thought.”

No way man. (fuck, I don’t know, maybe? I’ve never met her)

Go with yourself.

wolf alice

Wolf Alice has a new single. “Giant Peach.” Whoa…it’s a ripper. New record is called My Love is Cool. It comes out on June 23rd.

Singer Ellie Roswell says of the song, “It’s about a love affair with the city (London). It’s a song to dance to, but also a song to lose your shit to.”

Turn it up to 11.

Go with yourself.

Jupiter Party
The sunshine and bouncy white clouds get my mind drifting over to the poppier side.

Oliver brightens up the already poppy Wombats. Look for The Wombats at the Reading and Leeds festival this year.

Band from Melbourne called Number Station. Synthy.

Folkier vibe. New Tallest Man on Earth record comes to us on May 12th.

When I roll out of work on a clear evening, there is this dude that sets up a telescope. He points at some celestial object of interest and then guides you through a space party.

Yesterday, it was the Jupiter Party. And the Jupiter Party is always free.


Happy Birthday to my daughter Madelyn. She is 7 today. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Go with yourself.


Allergies are in full effect over here in my corner of North America. But the trees look outstanding…so I’ll eat my spicy noodle box and just clear out all that mucus the old fashioned way.

I was sent a song from Brooklyn band Surf Rock is Dead. They do kind of a post-rock filtered through a hazy surf-rock guitar tone?



Let’s have a listen to the latest from Death Cab For Cutie. New record is out on March 31st and will be called Kintsugi.

Go with yourself.


Max and Mike from the rock and roll band Arkells stopped by the radio factory today for a chit-chat. Here are some bits from our conversation.

Go with yourself.


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