I do loves me the UK duo Seafret. Their February ep Oceans still gets heavy play on my rainy day commutes on the Skytrain or to chill after a long day back in Coquitlam.

Seafret’s new single is called “Atlantis” and comes out on May 11th.

Talking about the song Seafret says, “The track is about a situation that’s breaking down; where both sides are doing everything they can to make it work, but it’s doomed to fail despite their efforts. Growing up by the sea, we’ve always been fascinated by the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis and we thought it would be interesting to use it as a metaphor to evolve the song into something different than a standard heartbreak track.”

Their debut full length is due sometime in 2015.

Go with yourself.

quidditch (1)

The Quidditch Canada National Championship will be this weekend at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby.

Wait..isn’t quidditch that wizard game from the Harry Potter books? How are muggles from Canadian Universities playing the sport? I talk to Talor Mykle-Winkler from the SFU Marauders about the sport.

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Having a hard time chilling out today. Mondays can feel long for me. They start bright and early getting my daughter ready for school. Then a ferry ride, bus, and train right into work.

Then a train ride to the suburbs, some light grocery shopping and organizing. My place is a bit of war zone. Can’t seem to sit still or focus.

I have a about 20 ideas in my head, but none of them will barf out. Like a constipation of energy. Not good.

I turned on the TV to have something on in the background and a commercial for Netflix’s new drama Bloodline came on. The commercial got me to pause and pay attention because the song used was bewitching. And also Coach Taylor.

The trailer featured a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” by singer Lissie.

Here is an original cut from 2013. Her only soundcloud post (that I could tell).

What a cool song. Lissie is new to me but clearly has a following. She has a couple fans on twitter and quite a few plays on her one soundcloud, the above cover, and this techno jammer.

I like her style. Maybe you will too.

Go with yourself.

downtown boys

When there is shit going on in the this world. A movement, a happening, it is music that provides the soundtrack.

There is something special about punk rock and people need to articulate something. Victoria Ruiz fronts the politically blistering Downtown Boys. Their record Full Communism comes out in May. The first feature song is called “Monstro” and features a fast-forward thought bomb from the Rhode Island based singer who spits between English and Spanish. The song survives and advances into a nice saxophone hook .

I was trolling Montreal based-American-Australian band Ought’s twitter to see if they had any new music. They retweeted Downtown Boys, but I did not find any new music.

I’ll have to settle for “Pill” from their Once More With Feeling ep.

Once more with feeling!

Go with yourself.

[New Rock Now] Northcote sounded amazing opening for The Gaslight Anthem

Last night was stellar. The Gaslight Anthem performed a sold out show at the Commodore Ballroom.

The place was packed, the energy was high and the music was top shelf.

The band that performed before Gaslight was a group based out of Victoria called Northcote. I’ve known Matt for years as he brought the project into focus. A couple years ago he released his debut self-titled record.

Since then, he has criss-crossed the continent, the UK and Europe performing in the growing folk-punk thing happening right now. He has been out there with Dave Hause, Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, Billy Pettinger, and The Gaslight Anthem.


And from my radio show the other day….

It is becoming a thing in the NHL this week. Goalies and food stuffs.

Vancouver Canucks’s goaltender, Eddie Lack, is known for his love of the mighty taco. And in Vancouver, there are infinity places to get an amazing taco.

The Vancouver Canucks tweeted that Eddie Lack wouldn’t mind if fans threw tacos on the ice after a game. But that doesn’t sound right…. or is it? Let’s call the Canucks to find up what is real.

Go with yourself.

on and on
Kathryn sent over a real pretty one the other day. Minneapolis band ON AN ON.

The song “Drifting” is a nice slow burn. It builds to a sparkling second half. Wow.

Go with yourself.


Alright my music blogging friends…I rallied last night and made it to the Biltmore Cabaret in the hip Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver.

London rockers Wolf Alice were in town and I am starting to be a bit of a fan.

Tuesday night at Biltmore isn’t a busy night for rock & roll…but the folks that were there were committed to the night.

Vancouver’s new-grungers Dead Soft opened the show. I blogged a cut of their’s yesterday, “Everything.” I still think that is their strongest jam, and the song truly excelled live. I generally love this grungy fuzz rock happening right now. Not only in Vancouver, but all over North American rock & roll. I am sure it is because I’m a 35-year-old and grew up with the sounds. But hearing new bands fold in on the vibes makes my heart flutter.

Dead Soft sound great on their s/t record (on clear vinyl!), but like so many bands, it soars live.

here’s side-one track one, “Phase.”

Wolf Alice performed a wonderful set. They let a few songs take a walk, they brought down some crushing distortion, and then sprinkled in the odd ballad. One time the bass player and lead singer kinda did a synchronized dance step thing? I dunno…I was on a lot of cold medication, maybe I dreamt it? The band did dive into a few songs from their upcoming June record. And you could tell when they blasted one of their more established songs as the audience would cheer after the first couple bars.

At the end of the night Theo ? (the dude in the picture above that I posted) launched himself into the crowd. Punk rock.

I’m turning into a bit of a fanboy. This VOX article is pretty good to dive a little deeper into the songs. I wish I would have read it BEFORE the show: 5 songs from alt-rock band Wolf Alice you need to hear

Tuesday night rock show in Vancouver, you’re alright.

Just a few North American shows left. San Fran on Friday. LA on Saturday then SXSW before returning to the UK.

I’ll leave you with the first song Ellie Rowsell wrote for Wolf Alice. That band hasn’t being for all that long, but we’re going back to the early days. I just remember this song sticking out at the live set.

Go with yourself.


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