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Adam Sutherland send me over the project he is working on with Lindsay Bryan (and Matthew Longpre & Keenan Murray).

Electro-pop-alternative?  The group is called LABS. They are The Zone’s February Band of the Month and the song we have to check out is called “Down.”

Go with yourself.


Coral and I watched the romantic comedy Two Night Stand the other day. The movie was alright….it ended weird.

But there was one great standout moment during their “two night stand” where Analeigh and Miles are jamming some records and Dramarama’s “Anything, Anything,” came on. Damn I love that cut. Analeigh Tipton trashes around for a bit and the movie carries on. But after the film, I couldn’t help but positively reflect on Beach Slang‘s most excellent cover.

Another song from the soundtrack that caught our attention was this oldie from Charli XCX. “Nuclear Seasons.”

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(Photo: Pooneh Ghana / Life of Death PR)

Still one of my favourite records, bands, shows…Cloud Nothings have been a bit out of the spotlight.

I read all the fallout from their hype company Life or Death PR and Cloud Nothings name came up, and there is a singles project. But what abotu a new record?

Denver Post had a story about a one off show where they caught up with Dylan Baldi.

The explained that the band is recording demos in Cleveland and hope to have a record out at the end of 2016.

Whether or not the next Cloud Nothings album sounds anything like that, Baldi doesn’t worry about disappointing anyone other than himself. “People can be fickle,” he says, “and opinions can change without you feeling like you’ve done anything differently anyway.” Nothing matters except for the thing of making music.

They also talk about making a tape label of experimental electronic music. Huh.

(…) he and the band have been on an electronic kick in recent months, to the extent that Cloud Nothings’ drummer Jayson Gerycz and bassist TJ Duke are starting a tape label aimed at putting out Cleveland’s nuggets of experimental music. “We’ve been making a lot of minimalist techno jams lately,” Baldi adds.

I do like that his awkwardness is real, and it just wasn’t me….

From the day after their Victoria show where i got to meet Dyaln.

I even got to meet Dylan Baldi, though it was a pretty awkward encounter. I don’t think we’re best friends. Still I’m as happy as tits I got to meet the man. 

Looking forward to some new Cloud Nothings!

Go With Yourself.

modest mouse

Kowabunga! Modest Mouse is teaming up with Brand New for a co-heading tour.

No Vancouver date (WHAT!?!) but they will play Seattle and Portland at the end of July. Let’s cross our fingers for a rebound in that Canadian dollar.

But maybe….they keep the partnership together long enough for Squamish in August?

Brand New are talking about a new record in 2016. Last year they released this single, “Mene.”

This is my all time fave Brand New song.


Modest Mouse’s latest record was 2015 Strangers to Ourselves…a record we had on heavy rotation during our family roadtrip last summer.

I remember our drive from Portland to Cannon Beach, cutting though the hills and forests to the ocean and blasting through Strangers to Ourselves.

The record and that time are always linked for me now.

Go with yourself.


Happy Monday! Had a great weekend at home with the kids. My wife Coral went to Victoria to visit with her sister for her birthday and friends back home. So that meant Daddy Daycare on the home front (and we even watched the 2003 Eddie Murphy film…huh).

Sunday we pick Mom up form the ferry and hit Steveston for some Hogshack BBQ and waterfront wanderings.

Roll into the radio factory today checking out some new tunes and look at that, Wavves shared a song.

The song is part of a monthly music subscription service from Ghost Ramp and the single is backed with Best Coast’s Nirvana cover of “Dumb.”

Oh the next single features Cloud Nothings?!?  Nice.

Go with yourself.

me and nate

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats were in Vancouver last night for a sold out show at The Commodore Ballroom. It was an incredible night and demonstrated the quality of this band’s sound.

I had a hockey game last night and Coral was home with the kids buuuuuuuut, we loved LOVED their self-titled record this summer/fall. Coral and I front-to-backed that disc hard and felt like, we’re not dead yet, let’s rally and go!

Thankfully my folks agreed to watch the kids for a bit and we raced downtown
for the show.

Before the memorable night, he stopped by CFOX to perform a song off the self title album. The song is called “I Need Never Get Old.” One of my personal standouts from the record.

I also had a chance to chat with the boys for a bit before they had to run. We talked about their Much Mega Hit “S.O.B.” and he said the song was almost not included on the record! Nathaniel liked other songs on the record. Like what? I asked.

He said “I’d Be Waiting” and then told the story about fucking up the clap track on “I’ve Been Failing.”

What a great day! Thank you Nathaniel and the band for hanging out yesterday and just generally being stand-up guys. Thank you Liz at Universal for the hook up with tickets for the LONG sold out show. Great night.

Go with yourself.

unnamed (14)

Photo credit: Emilia Castle

Here’s some new pop alternative from the UK. Band is called Viola Beach.

The hype says; “The Warrington four-piece have already been chosen as one of Annie Mac’s New Names for 2016 and their compelling energy bagged in a Radio 1 session at legendary Maida Vale Studios last November.”

Pretty straight forward.


New music from Filter? OK!

90’s industrial-lite grunge rockers will release their 7th record Crazy Eyes on April 8th.

Billboard Magazine says; “Crazy Eyes is hardly bereft of guitars but there are a substantial amount of electronics and effects in use. The result features heavy industrial crunch and solemn, ambient songs that reach back to Patrick’s time in Nine Inch Nails and the first Filter album, 1995’s Short Bus.”


Young Galaxy share the bonus track from their record Falsework.



and ON AN ON are coming to Vancouver for a show. February 5th at The Commodore with Yukon Blonde.  I love this song.

Go with yourself.


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