The Iron Heart
The Iron Heart are a rock & roll band based out of San Francisco…or maybe Napa? California. They sent over their cut “Woman.”

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Also… what the heck is a “fortnight?”

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Holocene (Satchmode Remix) Art
LA’s Satchmode sent of over his downtempo dreamscape remix of Bon Iver’s “Holocene.”

I like dreams, and I like Bon Iver, so we better hit play on this.

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Nashville, Tennessee’s Wild Cub are releasing their song “Colour” as a single in the UK.  They sent over their fresh music video.  Let’s gather ’round the Youtube machine to have a gander.

Wild Cub is currently playing some shows in the US with Vampire Weekend.  Then its of to the UK for seven headliner shows.  Here is their North American radio single, “Thunder Clatter.”

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Photo Stolen without a gun from Mr. Francis' Facebook page.

Photo Stolen without a gun from Mr. Francis’ Facebook page.

Coming off Dillon Franciscelebrated Coachella set, the Moombahton producer shared his remix of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

Just bounce to this!

Dillon Francis is cool.


Happy Easter!  I hope your weekend was great.  Coral and I took the kids to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in the suburbs of Vancouver.  Good times.  We made it down to West 4th for a bit of a rainy Saturday  adventure.  Ate some doughnuts, shopped, ate some tacos.

Before the long weekend I picked up a DJ gig at Upstairs Cabaret.  Every time I DJ I do learn some lessons and last week was no exception.

Jagwar Ma will piss off people who like classic rock (there was a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute show earlier) AND people who like electronic music.  huh… I love them, but I guess I’m an Island on that.


Steve James sent me a remix of Zhu’s “Faded.”


Go with yourself.


Kim Churchill is a young man from Southern Australia who made his way to Canada.  His recent album, Silence/Win, was recorded in Ucluelet and Vancouver.  Last night he was in Victoria for a show at Lucky Bar…and tonight he is in Vancouver.

I asked Kim Churchill why he wanted to work on his new album on Vancouver Island.

“I had done albums in the past were we worked in these big studios in the city.  It wasn’t my thing. I felt like I lost a lot of the things that happen for me on the the day-to-day, that keep me calm and who I am.”

Kim said that he needed to find a place, “suited for me.

“The perfect spot was the Tofino/Ucluelet region.”

Yesterday he recorded his single “Window to the Sky” live in the Zone studio.

Go with yourself.

Triple Word Score
Feels like a life time ago… back in the old CiTR days, the Morning After Show used to come on after a show called The Shit Mix hosted by a dude named Jamaal. Me and Jamaal got along all right and I looked up to him….generally because he was a pretty groovy Vancouverite. Always wore great pants.  We were both in bands and his band was called Triple Word Score.  They played a bratty style of punk which was popular at the time and they managed to get themselves signed to Long Beach Records!

We used to play shows together when we could sort it out.  Here is a radio spot I made to promote one of our shows.  I think this is for a March 2001 concert.

What do you thrash?  What do you got?

Go with yourself.

Neon Steve Goldstream
Capital Rock City time…some sounds out of Victoria. Neon Steve is local producer/DJ who spends his hours crafting new beats or travelling the world performing.  I’ve had the chance to meet him once, quality dude.  For those of you outside the Capital Region, Goldstream is a park.


On Saturday, Vancouver’s Dear Rouge took the boat over to perform at Lucky Bar.  The husband/wife team and Peak Performance winners (2012) currently have the #5 song on modern Rock Radio in Canada. Neat.  They hung out with Jon Williams on Saturday afternoon and recorded their hit “I Heard I Had.”


Tomorrow I hope to have some live Kim Churchill for you.  Wednesday will feature The Zolas.


Bonus cut not from Victoria… just showed up on my Soundcloud feed and I dug it.  Bipolar Sunshine is from manchester, England.

Go with yourself.


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