Haunting of Madelyn

Happy Halloween my music blog loving friends….

Today I want to share an old adventure I had with my daughter Madelyn.

It’s Halloween, no better time to go for a ghost hunt in Victoria. Using my two-year-old daughter as bait… we first headed to Lime Bay in Esquimalt and searched around Spinniker’s Pub. Seeing no definite evidence of the super-natural, we were off to the basement of the Rialto Hotel. Again, we were having no luck until suddenly….

The music I used for background you can find on this mix: MIX: I love you, but you’re terrible at…

I also sample Art Bell from a Coast to Coast AM broadcast on EVP’s from 2005.

Thank you for making the time to have a listen.


And here a cut for your Halloween dance PARTY!

Go with yourself.

London based, Aussie born Josef Salvat is one of my favourite pop singers right now. The 25-year-old just does no wrong.

I was unpacking this easy-breezy interview from Noisey…I dig his vibe.

Today I received an email from The Chainsmokers…a new remix and wouldn’t you know it…my fave Salvat song is getting the attention. Perfect.


Go with yourself.

run the jewels
I feel like I may have found my boxing entrance jam.

Run The Jewels – “Blockbuster Night Part 1″

The review for their album Run The Jewels 2 was pretty solid.

In other boxing related news…the entrance video is starting to take shape. I can’t wait to share it with you.


Go with yourself.

marilyn manson

Marilyn Manson has a new song and right away…my initial reaction is that I like it. The vibe of the new cut, “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” from his upcoming 2015 record, feels so different from the goth-tinged industrial hard rock that he is known for. The song reminds me of the type of music you might hear on an HBO show…like True Blood or True Detective.

Mr. Manson has been a busy guy lately… principally as an actor. I remember watching Eastbound & Down near the end of the series…and I was like, “Is that Marilyn Manson?”

A different spin for MM for sure…I dig it.

Go with yourself.

mike edel

That time Mike Edel stopped by The Zone to perform his new song “Julia.” That is the wonderful Kiana Brasset on backing vocals and fiddle.

Go with yourself.


Pitchfork had quite the story today. ILoveMakonnen was performing in NYC on Tuesday when some dude in the crowd just started punching him. That sucks.

I am new to the ILoveMakonnen party so I had to go back and read this old interview from Pitchfork.

Go with yourself.

san cisco
Boitano had something bouncy playing at his desk… it was the new San Cisco single “Run.” San Cisco? I know that… right… “Awkward.” I remember that song from last year.

The Fremantle, WA band’s new single is out on October 24th. The band will tour Australia and a new record is due sometime next year.

San Cisco is touring with fellow Fremantleites…. Gunns.

Go with yourself.


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