Back to the grind my music blogger friends. I have been consumed by boxing for the past few weeks, preparing for the Fight 4 The Cause Charity Boxing Classic.  The annual event takes a diverse group of people who have never fought in a sanctioned boxing match, runs them through an intense eight week boxing bootcamp, and has them compete in gala fight.  The event was held last Saturday at the Victoria Conference Centre. Over 1,000 crammed into the building to watch the fight.

I was in the 9th fight against a guy named Brayden Leclaire.

It was an emotional time. It is hard to put into words. In the end, all the training boiled down to 2 minutes. Here is the fight.

Looking back, I can’t believe that is me in there. My stress was pinning in the reds leading up to the fight. I am so thankful to my red team coaches, Hal and Aaron, for preparing me for combat. I am also so thankful to my friend, DJ Boitano, for talking me into signing up and then kicking my ass to train hard.

After the fight, there was this overwhelming rush of emotions. It was crazy.

Go with yourself.

mo kenney

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s Mo Kenney made the trip to Vancouver Island for a show with Kim Churchill. She stopped by The Zone after getting off the ferry to play a song for us. Check out “I Faked It” from her record In My Dreams.

Go with yourself.

crazy turntable
Lemon is  a performer from Toronto. She has a music Tumblr (yay music bloggers!).

She posted a synthy dark spin on the Nirvana classic that this Gen-Xer…(or maybe I’m an old Millennial?) can get behind.

Trolling her Soundcloud page, I also really enjoyed this cover of Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks” she did with Wolf Saga.

Cool. Go with yourself.

TPC Alix Goolden

Tokyo Police Club and Said The Whale were both in Victoria last Friday. Both stopped by my radio show and both performed a song.

TPC did an acoustic break down of their Forcefield epic “Argentina.”

Said The Whale decided to get festive with their song “Summertime in Australia.”

Go with yourself.

Pic stolen from Nat Geo // Photograph by Holger Leue, Corbis Images

Pic stolen from Nat Geo // Photograph by Holger Leue, Corbis Images

A couple songs that I am feeling right now and it begins with this beauty from Caribou.

Lenno remixed “Can’t Do Without You” and fuuuuuuuuuuf, I love it. Repeat.


Welsh band Catfish & The Bottlemen have been occupying a small part of my brain lately with their single “Kathleen.”

Their record is out in January.


I don’t know too much about Tom Misch, he is young? He’s from London? sure….this duet with Carmody is pretty.


Go with yourself.

sam roberts and KOS
Back to the blogging grind after letting the MAS blog fall fallow for a bit. Right now I want to share a few songs from my radio show (and I might have some more for you tomorrow from Tokyo Police Club and Said The Whale).

On Wednesday, Sam Roberts stopped by The Zone in front of his show at The Q Centre. Weirdly…K-Os also happened to be in Victoria…so he stopped by too.

The Sam Roberts Band performed a couple songs.

Cool. I really enjoyed that “Shapeshifters” cut.  Track one from his 2014 album, Lo-Fantasy.


Today I was fortunate to have Vancouver’s Head of the Herd on the show.  They performed their single “We Could Get Together.”


Wow. I am about one week and one day from my first ever boxing match! The Fight 4 The Cause Charity Boxing Classic is happening on Saturday, November 22nd at The Empress. I’ve been training every morning at 6AM for 7 weeks…one more week of boxing bootcamp and then its game time. To get this party started… Team Zone joined me to create a video that will play before my fight.

Dylan and Jason hopped into the Zone studio with Sheldon to record a cover of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.” Then we all went down to the VIC 42 studio with Webmeister Bud to film a “corporate” video. Here we go.

And no one has asked me…but you know…just in case…our cover song is a free download.


And lastly… a short clip from my radio show today. Talking about the Rosetta Spacecraft, the comet landing and the eerie sound the lander recorded.

Go with yourself.

Fight for the cause graphics
Alright Music Blogger Nation….

I need to choose my entrance song for Fight 4 The Cause. On November 22nd (BUY tickets today!), I will be fighting in my first ever boxing match. All the fighters need a jam and here is what I’m thinking.  I’ll go with whatever song gets the most votes as I love them all. I believe I get one minute or one minute 30 of the song.

Number 1. Run The Jewels – “Blockbuster Night Part 1″ (hit go right off the hop)

Number 2. Explosions in the Sky – “Your Hand in Mine” (not sure where I’ll pick it up)

Number 3. Cursive – “Staying Alive” (probably pick it up at 1:40)

Please help me pick a song in the comment section. Thank you for taking the time and having a part in the journey!

Go with yourself.


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