Back to the grind for a couple more days. I’ll be jamming my final two radio shows on The Zone @ 91-3 this week. Then I am off to Vancouver to take on the Afternoon Show on CFOX!

This past weekend was spent in Redmond, Washington. My wife’s sister and her family moved to the Seattle suburb and it was our first chance to catch up with them since moving to the Pacific Northwest.

I always LOVE exploring Washington State. We took the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles and meandered east to a town called Kingston. We took a quick ferry across the Puget Sound to Edmonds and then criss-crossed northern Seattle to Redmond.

Our soundtrack pretty much the whole way there? Montreal based Ought and their record More Than Any Other Day.

I was reading Paste’s 20 Best New Bands list. (Ought was number 14)

I am now obsessed with their post-punky vibes that remind me of 80s alternative or even Modest Mouse.

We had this record on repeat for our cruise through the temperate rainforest.

Go with yourself.

street sweeper car
Site of Sound continues to show off a few beauties. Been jiving on that music blog today.

Aquilo is my new favourite slow jam artist.

The British duo is from the north-west region of the UK. A little village north of Lancashire. The pair have been tapped as a rising artist this summer showing up where they need to; Guardian, BBC, Glastonbury.  Their ep “Human” came out on December 8th. They also have a music video for “I Gave it All.” That song is straight up perfect.

The music video is split into two parts and I have a feeling part 2 will be exceptionally heartbreaking. Oh man…I’ll need a helmet to watch it.


So we already know and love Aquilo…but the new discovery from Site of Sound was this cut from a group called Girl Friend. They rip a page out of music marketing 2014; hip graphics, a link to their manager, band photo and NO BIO INFO.

Much mysterio!


This one is pretty cool… from Chubby Beavers…. FMLYBND‘s cover of the Pixies’ classic “Where Is My Mind.”


Turntable Kitchen’s Fall Mixtape features this gem.

BORNS is from LA.  The song is called “10,000 Emerald Pools.” I dig it.

BORNS ep was released in November and is called Candy. According to the internet, he wrote the ep while living in a treehouse? Neat.

I think Radiohead should update their 90’s tune to, “everyone can program a drum machine.”

Go with yourself.

panama stay forever

Another geographically named band from Australia. This is an older cut from Sydney’s Panama. But the song is new to me!

We previously enjoyed the minor modern rock hit “Always” on the blog earlier in the summer.

Panama released the wistful ode to suburban friendship in August as a free download. (actually I don’t know what they’re saying….I thought it said “Stay forever, friends, in the suburbs”…I’m an idiot.)

It took me a while to listen to this song, luckily an old Site of Sound blog post showed up on my feed.

Go with yourself.

USS and Mother Mother

Last night, my daughter and I went to see USS and Mother Mother at the Royal Theatre in Victoria.

A great night of music….USS’s set was criminally short, and they didn’t play Madelyn’s favourite song. She tends to gravitate to the weirdo album cuts, so she is a hard to please fan. I personally loved the tight, hit driven set.

We were planning on catching only a couple Mother Mother songs. It was a school night after all…but Mother Mother were so engaging that I couldn’t drag Madelyn out of there. It took a text from Mom to get us back on-track and heading to bed.

Mother Mother started the show with this dark, moody, synth driven song, “Have It Out.”

And for those keeping score…Madelyn’s favourite USS song.

Go with yourself.


What is up with Australian bands from Brisbane naming their projects after Canadian towns? First there’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic and now we have Banff. Banff is the brand of BrisVegas musician Benjamin Forbes. IndieShuffle says he sounds like Beruit, Midlake, or #1 Dads.

The music chill. Pretty. Kinda like Banff, Alberta.

Go with yourself.

verite graphic

When Joel Almand is not shovelling snow in Buffalo…the Upstate New York producer is turning up the thump on Verite’s “Weekend.”

I played “Weekend” last Thursday at my bi-weekly Clubhouse night and a couple college kids came up to me to say, “Verite? Nice, I love her.” And I love you groovy college kid.

Go with yourself.


Back to the grind my music blogger friends. I have been consumed by boxing for the past few weeks, preparing for the Fight 4 The Cause Charity Boxing Classic.  The annual event takes a diverse group of people who have never fought in a sanctioned boxing match, runs them through an intense eight week boxing bootcamp, and has them compete in gala fight.  The event was held last Saturday at the Victoria Conference Centre. Over 1,000 crammed into the building to watch the fight.

I was in the 9th fight against a guy named Brayden Leclaire.

It was an emotional time. It is hard to put into words. In the end, all the training boiled down to 2 minutes. Here is the fight.

Looking back, I can’t believe that is me in there. My stress was pinning in the reds leading up to the fight. I am so thankful to my red team coaches, Hal and Aaron, for preparing me for combat. I am also so thankful to my friend, DJ Boitano, for talking me into signing up and then kicking my ass to train hard.

After the fight, there was this overwhelming rush of emotions. It was crazy.

Go with yourself.


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