Massive club banger remix of the Offspring modern rock hit “Pretty Fly (for a white guy).”

Matt Zanardo takes us all back to high-school. (Well, takes me back to that awkward time after high school but before I had found any direction in life.) The song has a big Las Vegas style of electro houseness to it.


Before I take off for the weekend…I’ll leave you with a clip from my radio show. The Morning Zone was beeking off about Mexican food while I was driving in to boxing for my morning workout. Jason implied that Mexican food makes you fart…. but it doesn’t make me gassy…huh. I better get some experts on the show to ask them about Mexican Food.


Happy Friday! Go with yourself.

Josef Salvat

Josef Salvat is an Australian singer based out of London currently. The first single from the Canberra native is called “Open Season” and serves to hype his new EP Your Prime (September 22nd / Columbia Records). A full LP is due in 2015.

Josef says on twitter, “in your prime, you have to fuck where you fit and do what you want.” I don’t know what that means exactly, but I’m glad he said it!

“I believe in you, I know you believe in me too. We’re in this game together.”

Go with yourself.

tropical Dragons
Norwegian producer Matoma puts a sparkly tropical polish on the alternative anthem “It’s Time” from arena filling Imagine Dragons.

I personally enjoy the tropical chill trend right now…so I could keep riding this sonic wave for a bit.

The song is remarkable for me because it had me stop my work to look back at what I was listening to. And I love when that happens.

Go with yourself.

Pic lifted from OV's Facebook.

Pic lifted from OV’s Facebook.

Olivver creates a dark, moody, melodic style of electronic-infused alternative. I think I read somewhere the dude is the former drummer for The Neighbourhood?  Keeps it light and bright in the bio department…let’s get to the song.

From his EP Freak, this is “Not Going Home.” Music Ninja LOVED it… and he/she is a ninja…so that says something.

Go with yourself.


Sometimes I really like pop music. Verite is a pop singer from New York. The song “Weekend” has sat a top Hype Machine’s chart.

Verite talks about the song: “An old friend of mine lived on this quiet, dead end residential street with bright florescent lights. I had the image of us falling down in the stillness of the scene. From the first line, the song winds up being an ode to the nostalgia of how, despite how sick we were or how insane things get, we can take moments from the craziest times and glorify them as being absolutely perfect.

The new video is sexy but also sweet before revealing a darker melodrama.

Go with yourself.

A young girl plays in a replica of a lunar-module in Toronto, Canada, August 1975. PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT MADDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE

A young girl plays in a replica of a lunar-module in Toronto, Canada, August 1975.

Big fat club house remix from NYC production team Sava & Razz. They retained the vocal hook of the original Charli XCX single “Break The Rules.” Charli XCX’s new record SUCKER is out at the end of October.

Go with yourself.

I never fully appreciated Hilly Dilly and their playlists…

I hit their Tropical House Vibes set and found a couple that might serve me during a set at The Clubhouse, or maybe on The Zone’s Mixtape.

I can’t remember if I have blogged this one before…but no matter, it deserves a re-visit.

Vance Joy’s Much Megahit getting souped up by Sun City taking the FlicFlac remix and building an edit around it.

Oh…it’s the FlicFlac remix I recognize. I downloaded that cut for the Rooftop sets earlier this summer.


Milky Chance’s “Stolen Dance” is another song that has topped the pops at The Zone.

Alex Brandt throws a little sax over top of the German duo’s smash. Saxual indeed.

Thanks for the picks Hilly Dilly! I’ll be sure to make use of your playlists.

Go with yourself.


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