Human Kebab crowd surfing at Rock The Shores in Victoria. July 11th, 2014. Photo: Zoner Sonya

Human Kebab crowd surfing at Rock The Shores in Victoria. July 11th, 2014. Photo: Zoner Sonya

Busy weekend in the Garden City. I’ll be DJing a couple weddings, but before I head off to a hotel ball room, I’ll be taking my little tribe down to Rock The Shores.

I had to work yesterday, so I missed USS which sucks. I love those guys.  Today I am amped to see Jesse Roper and The Dudes before I have to take off and DJ.

Yesterday I had to work. During my show I talked to a writer at Pacific Standard named Ryan Jacobs…he used to be at The Atlantic. Last fall he wrote an article about Iceland and how the people there fiercely believe in elves.

Why So Many Icelanders Still Believe in Invisible Elves

Go with yourself.

Year After Year
Peter Gardner from Hawk and Steel came on my radio show yesterday to talk about his new song “Year After Year.”

I was sitting around the radio factory with DJ Boitano yesterday and he was talking about this funny break Dylan and Jason did on mammals and how long almost all of them take to urinate.

One thing led to another…and I’m in the washroom timing Boitano taking a piss.

Go with yourself.


This song came up during my musical travels today.

The track is a collaboration that features Nate Eiesland (On and On), Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run), and Stacey. The song is part of the Red Brick Sessions. Very pretty…

Go with yourself.

hawk and steel

I blogged about a month ago about Victoria band Hawk and Steel and their beautiful slow jam, “Year After Year.” They visited me at The Zone and we recorded the song live in studio. Peter Gardener talked about an upcoming 7-inch split single with the Toronto based band Snoqualmie that they were working on. Well he have a date, August 8th. And you can order the 7-inch by hitting Hawk and Steel’s band camp page.

The song  “Year After Year” is about perseverance. Despite some ups and downs in the relationship…here you are. This song might not speak to all relationships, but I think for the love stories that it does speak to, it hits direct.

When I hear this song, I think about loyalty, dependability, support, warmth. Maybe you’ll love it as much as I do.

…and that original live cut from The Zone.

Go with yourself.

cloud nothings Dylan
Friday was such an amazing night at Upstairs Cabaret. Cloud Nothings, THE Cloud Nothings, came to Victoria! I even got to meet Dylan Baldi, though it was a pretty awkward encounter. I don’t think we’re best friends. Still I’m as happy as tits I got to meet the man.

The show was well attended. I love going to concerts where I know every song the band plays and I can sing along. Cloud Nothings doesn’t do anything overly spectacular with the set. It’s not an arena style spectacle. Just three skids on stage belting out the fuzz.

Toronto’s Metz were on stage before Cloud Nothings. Ferocious punk rock. They made me a believer.

I wish I were able to write more, but I have such a precious small amount of time right now and the laundry won’t fold itself before the kids comes home from dinner with Coral.

Go with yourself.

Nice View
My wife and I hit that new HBO show yesterday, The Leftovers…not bad…after True Blood (which I can’t wrap my head around, but Coral loves it). There is a song they used in the trailer and also during Sunday’s pilot.

During one of the big climaxes of the episode, a cult comes to demonstrate during a “heroes day” memorial service. And as the tensions build toward what you feel will be showdown, James Blake’s “Retrograde” soundtracks the scene.

Powerful song, powerful scene. I’ve had the song firmly planted in my head since.

Max Richter does the sound for the show. Here is clip of him talking about selecting the tunes.

Go with yourself.

Made it back from the Tall Tree Music Festival. Festivals are a hot commodity….but I’ll tell ya, if you’re an urban type rocking this blog, you haven’t seen anything like Tall Tree.

Four days of rain, sun, ocean, mountains….bands and DJs. All up on the side of a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Getting there is just part of the adventure.

The festival is a pretty good balance of traditional rock bands and DJs. The afternoon is see-sawing back forth between EDM and bands. Then at night, DJs till dawn.

Somewhere in the mix you’re getting rained on and sloshing through the mud with a beer in your hand and green trees in your sights. Lots of high fives, lots of smiles. Quality people.

I was only up for a couple days of the festival before my carriage turned into a pumpkin and I had to go back to work.  During those precious 48 hours I saw some shit maaaaaan.

Loved Victoria’s Neon Steve.

I got excited when he dropped Sylvan Esso into his Friday morning set.

BESTiE from Vancouver were there (I missed their set)…but I did see WMNSTUDIES…. and here’s a remix WMNSTUDIES did of their song “Asleep On The Bus.”

Australia’s Pete Murray was new to me…and I think the few brave souls that were vertical on Friday afternoon, but apparently he’s kind of a big deal back in Koalaland.

The people that were into him, were REALLY into him.

Tall Tree was pretty magical and I am already excited to go back. I’ll just need to sort out some childcare because I’ll need my girl Coral with me.

Here is a pic of my man Razer (Acres of Lions) and me before things went sideways on Thursday.

Me and Razer

We birthed our party band, Stable Hands, at Tall Tree and I think we even hyped ourselves enough to get signed? At least a late night set at the Spirit Tree Tent.

Go with yourself.


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