youre in big trouble
Feeling worn out today. Maybe its a bit of a cold I inherited from my wife/son?….maybe training too hard? ….part of it could be a bout of the ol’ depression?

Probably all three…but the saddest songs always sound the best when I am in my moods.

The artist is Aquilo. The British duo is from an area called the Lake District? I thought England had paved over all their lakes by 1720 and that’s why they had to colonize Canada?


This song is a couple years old…but new to me today. London’s Khushi.

Go with yourself.

I spent some time obsessed with Alvvays‘ “Adult Diversion.” As much as I loved that cut…I hadn’t fired up the whole record until recently…now their self-titled LP lives in my compact disc player in the purple minivan. It’s a quick listen…my recent roadtrip up to Duncan had me blasting through the record once and bit..and then again on the way back. There was one song that really grabbed my attention and I found myself going back to again and again.

I haven’t dived into the lyrics in any depth…but the vibe I pick up from Molly Rankin (yes…somehow related to The Rankin Family) is a romantic and nostalgic trip. To be young, and in love.

I am not sure if I’ve missed their Victoria show…or if the Toronto based group hasn’t bothered to make the trip to the Island yet…but next time they play in Victoria I need to pray to the rock & roll gods that I have the night free.

Aside from the adorable vocals and loud distorted guitars, I think what I love about this record is the personal time machine quality of the sounds. It takes me back to my days DJing on CiTR and all the fine, weirdo, college rock records that we used to play off the cart-machine. Reminds me of the girls that hung out at the radio station…they wore lots of layers and thrift-shop dresses.

Currently my favourite record in rotation at home.


This song keeps popping on my Soundcloud after Alvvays wraps up… Soundcloud, your algorithms are on point…I’m feeling this cut too. Pat Thomas, I like you.

Go with yourself.


Bear Hands is a band we know and love here in The Zone because of the song “Giants.” The follow up single is a cut called “Agora” and yesterday a remix from Com Truise was posted. Let’s hit it!

Bear Hands will be on Conan on October 27th!


Penguin Prison is the worst name for a group. Penguins should be in nature, not in jail. I Heart Moosiq posted this beauty jam.


Finally…I like this chill Ryan Hemsworth song, “Snow in Newark.”

Fact Mag says these things about the song.

That’s all I got…. oh wait… Saddle Creek is re-issuing Cursive’s The Ugly Organ… pre-order YUP!

Thank you JR at Ditch Records for the head’s up…he really is the best record store guy on the planet.

I had Ugly Organ in the compact disc player during the time around the birth of my son Jack.

That part that says “The worst is over..” over and over and over. It resonated with me after his birth and both baby and Mom were alive and healthy. It’s one of those Dad things… when it is game time….it is just Mom and babe and there isn’t much you can do but strap in, trust in the medical science, and hope. After it is done and everyone is safe and healthy, you think…OK, this is gunna be alright.

I do l know of course…wait, this is just the beginning! But for the moment, it’s all good.


Aaaaaaand. New Foo Fighters today. This will be a big deal at the radio factory.

Now…that is all I got. Time to hit Part and Parcel for lunch!

Go with yourself.

Mike Edel

Victoria’s Kiana Brasset will be releasing her new ep on October 24th at Upstairs Cabaret. She will be performing with friend and collaborator Mike Edel and also with Noah Edwards. Here is the first feature cut off the record, “Words.” The song was produced by Edel and mixed by Jason Cook.

I’ve been waking up bright (well dark) and early every morning for a couple weeks now. Training for a charity boxing match on November 22nd. The times are generally good…getting punched in the head sucks, but I guess that’s the point. (I’m the dude in the Expos tank)


Here is one from Washington DC’s Skyline Hotel. Jon and Jeff Lee are brothers…they create dainty pop songs. “Oh My Dear” sounds like a song where the woman says, “it’s not you, it’s me.” And you’re like, “ok.”


Smalltown DJs teamed up with Victoria’s Neon Steve and Shad for a cut called “Bad.” What amazing groove on this cut. And a free download? C’mon!

Go with yourself.


Jungle are a hip, retro-disco/soul duo from the UK. A band that has been featured on Tea Time with Jon Williams and also nominated for the 2014 Mercury Prize.

The band’s album is titled Jungle. Their feature cut is called “Busy Earnin'” and its a a fun retro-soul cut with a modern electronic edge. The band says in Cult Montreal that they basically sample their own music!

“There’s no software stuff on there. It’s pretty much all live audio recording, but manipulated in order to sound electronic. There are synths on there, but warm analogue ones. Most of the album was recorded that way, and then re-sampled. We wanted a record that sounded like it was sampled, but to not have to lift samples from other people. So everything was made by us, and it was inspired somewhat by Kanye West, strange as it sounds. We thought about “Touch the Sky,” but wondered how it could be done without sampling one of the best horn and string riffs ever written. You can’t beat it. How can we create something that sounds modern and sampled, but will still sound familiar to people?”

Talking more specifically of the single “Busy Earnin’,” ““Busy Earnin’” started as a seven-minute psychedelic track. It was a funky jam without a structure, and we took the horns and started playing around with looping it.”

Go with yourself.

blue screen
AV Club wrote a fun article taking us back to indie rock circa 2004. They focused on Pinback‘s album Summer in Abaddon. Also…they had a little shoutout to Hype Machine. Nice.

I used to love that album and still listen to it quite a bit today. I ended up down the musical rabbit hole today while at the radio factory and re-discovered a beauty off the previous record, Blue Screen Life. A song called “Concrete Seconds.”

I love that line, “Anything I say to you is gunna come out wrong anyway.”  Beautiful.

An interesting slice of daily drama for some guy unfolds during this 4 minutes and 8 seconds. I wonderer if he ever figured it out? What did the woman’s t-shirt say?

Go with yourself.


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